Enneagram Tritype Test with Wings

One quiz to test them all: Comprehensive Enneagram Quiz. Test your tritype and wings with one single test! Also, the test is quite short, fun, and easy to take.

Never heard of an Enneagram tritype? I hadn't either, but here's a nice blog post that explains the concept of a tritype. It actually makes the Enneagram more accurate and descriptive that way - and it definitely explains away some of my self-typing troubles.

You should, however, take this test with a grain of salt. I'm not too sure about its accuracy, as my results seem to change according to my mood. (Yes, I always take personality tests more than once. It's fun. ;)

Then again, I believe all Enneagram tests, especially free online ones, are more or less inaccurate. The only reliable way to determine your Enneagram type is to get to work: research the system, read a big bunch of type descriptions, and decide for yourself. Tests, however, provide a good starting point because they give you a hint at which types you should first read about.

Despite its questionable accuracy, I like this test a lot because it's one of the very few free Enneagram tests that attempt to measure your tritype. It definitely gives this test more depth and describes you much better than just your main type. Before I stumbled upon this test, I had never even heard of the concept of a tritype - but the moment I did, a light turned on in my head! It explained a lot!

Again, here's the link to the test: Enneagram Quiz with Wings and Tritype.

Oh, and my results?

According to the test, I'm either a 5w4, 9w8, 3w2 or 5w6, 9w1, 3w2, depending on my mood, the day, the astrological constellation of planets and the phase of the moon. ;)

I believe my real tritype is 9w1, 5w4, 3w2. I'm more of a Nine than a Five, even though all my friends (and most online tests) are convinced I'm a Five. Yes, I seem very Fivelike, but inside I'm a Nine. And more likely with a One wing.

The funny thing is, there are so many Threelike qualities in me that for a while, I played with the idea it was my real type... even though Threes are generally extroverted and I'm not. Well, it was a short while. I'm not a Three but I had a very Threelike childhood, so I suppose that's where my Threelike qualities are coming from.

Interesting. Enneagram is just so fascinating.